Travis Eichel

I was born in Coquitlam B.C. Canada, a suburb of Vancouver. In high school, I studied joinery and have continued to hone my skills. I went to Viet Nam for three weeks to help communities in need and expand my horizons.

My introduction to the world of wood came about as a result of my parents; they owned a wood carving supply business. I attended numerous expositions with them and it was at these expositions that I observed the beauty of the art and picked up the knowledge. I was soon carving and entering competitions. In high school, as an elective, I continued to expand my skill set with woodworking courses.

In 2005, I accepted an invitation to further my knowledge for developing a career in woodworking and enrolled in a joint trades program for carpentry and joinery. I moved to Kelowna and I have since completed my apprenticeship in carpentry and my first, second and third year joinery apprenticeship. I have been surrounded by supporters who believe in my goals and abilities, allowing me to start a small work shop where I build custom furniture and woodwork as well as carve commissioned pieces of art. I currently reside in Maple Ridge, BC and have created a sound portfolio involving custom furniture, carving, new construction, renovations, decks, fences and all other projects involving wood.

All of my furniture pieces are custom orders, I listen to my client’s desires, their passion, I observe their world and collaborate with them to produce works of art using quality materials, timeless techniques, and the care of craftsmanship. All ideas are my ideas and I work to obtain your needs within your budget.